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Gone but never forgotten

This page is dedicated to our beloved dogs who are no longer with us on earth but are with us in spirit.

Sanridge's Enchantment

May 17th 2003-March 17th, 2015

Draymia's Wind Seeker CD

May 6th, 2002-November 25th 2011

Ch. Draymia's Imposing Force

May 10th 2003-March 9th 2012

Ch. Jestic's After The Storm

August 26th 2007-May 15th 2013

Ch. Jestic's Synchronicity

November 5th 2006-August 8th 2016

Jestic's Temptest In A Teapot

June 1st 2011-November 23rd 2018

Penn heeling 4-15-12.jpg
Penn 13 months old.JPG

Lemko's Travel Across The Miles To Jestic CGC BH

September 26th 2011-June 22nd 2022
Fynn Favorite Headshot.JPG
Fynn ABC AGav.jpg

Ch. Draymia's Happily Ever After At Jestic


April 30th 2010-July 10th 2022

Kenzie Headshot.JPG
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