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Jestic' Levi Vintage Genes CGC BN TKN
Levi Head.jpg

Levi lives in sunny California with Dave and Megan. We are so proud of what Megan and Levi have accomplished so far and are excited for they continue to accomplish. Levi has gotten his paws wet in many different avenues and thrives at any challenge put in front of him. He's a very well rounded boy with an amazing temperament.

Levi 5 years old 3.jpg
Levi 5 years old.jpg

Levi pictured above and below at 5 years old

Levi 5 yeras old.jpg
Levi Novice Trick Dog.jpg
Levi CGC.jpg

Levi earns his Trick Dog Novice Title and his Canine Good Citizen Title

Levi Heeling.jpg
Levi BN Title 199.5.jpg

Levi showing off his beautiful heeling and pictured earning his Beginner Novice Obedience Title.

Levi IPO 2.jpg

Levi doing some IGP training

Levi IPO 3.jpg
Levi IPO.jpg

Levi pictured going Best of Breed over specials owner handled by Megan. Levi has points towards his AKC Championship and is always owner handled.

Levi BOB.jpg
LEvi Swimming.jpg

Health Testing

DM Carrier

2018 Holter 2 vpcs

2020 Holter 1 vpc

AS/SAS Clear-ECHO 1.64 Flow rate, no murmur


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